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29 Feb 2016

TEQ Invests in New Kiefel Machinery

Custom Thermoforming Company Announces Equipment Acquisitions Focused on Lowered Costs and Energy Consumption


Huntley, IL (PRWEB)                                

February 09, 2016                            


Custom thermoformer, TEQ Thermoform Engineered Quality announces the addition of two new machines to one of the largest installations of Kiefel machines in North America.

These include a new Kiefel KMD 78 at the company’s product development and manufacturing headquarters in Huntley, IL and a new Kiefel KMD 90 at TEQ’s newly acquired medical device facility, Fremont Plastics, in Fremont, IN.


“TEQ made the decision very early on to adopt our high-end machinery, which has allowed them to develop the high level of skill needed to elicit the faster processing speeds, superior quality and exceptional process control these machines are capable of. Because of this experience and their continuous addition of new machinery as they expand to new locations, the TEQ team can work with just about any product that can be thermoformed,” Markus Zlotosch, VP of Sales & Service and Kiefel Technologies said.


Both pieces of equipment will offer a high degree of automation and efficiency as well as lower production costs.

The KMD 78 combines simple operation with maximum efficiency and a wide range of capabilities and includes: 

  • A heating station with efficient black ceramic elements (HTS) and individual element control
  • A pyrometer to measure and ensure stable film temperature
  • A forming station to include cut-in-place capability
  • A stacking station that is configured as a pick & place allowing for flexibility of handling difficult part geometry


While Kiefel's Speedformer KMD 90 offers fast cycle times, large forming areas and reduced energy consumption, and can also process a wide range of materials. Features of the KMD 90 include:


  • The largest forming area of the Speedformer series (35”x37” max. tool size)
  • High-output black ceramic heaters to ensure high efficiency
  • A film edge heater to handle both brittle or thick material
  • A servo-driven forming station with a servo third-motion plug drive
  • 44 tons of clamping pressure
  • Centric servomotor-actuated knee lever drives with high stability and smoothness
  • Fast and ergonomic operation maintained by the separate tool change station


“We are thrilled to build upon our existing installation of Kiefel machines at our company headquarters in Illinois, as well bring these top of the line machines to our Fremont Plastics location less than six months after acquiring the company,” said Randy Loga, President of TEQ. “With Kiefel machinery now in place in Illinois and Indiana as well as in our EU Plastique location in the UK, we have taken a critical step towards expanding our capabilities in all locations so that we can offer our customers the ability to efficiently create the highest quality products with lower costs and lower energy consumption,” added Loga.


ABOUT TEQ  Founded nearly thirty years ago as TekPackaging, TEQ is dedicated to being the leader of quality manufacturing in the thermoforming industry. TEQ’s commitment to continuous improvement, design capability and process control gives the company the ability to serve customers better than anyone else.

From design and engineering, through to state of the art technology, and attentive and informed customer service, TEQ ensures that every aspect of every project is completed with the kind of precision that has made us the preferred choice of many clients.