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25 Apr 2016

First film stretching line for Central America on stream: it’s a Brückner of course

State-of-the-art equipment for this dynamic region


OPP Film El Salvador S.A., part of the Oben Holding Group, is the leading manufacturer of oriented films in Latin America. The company’s latest coup is the successful start of Central America’s very first film stretching line in El Salvador, together with their well-established long-term partner Brückner Maschinenbau.


The 8.7m wide BOPP line is the first out of a two-line-package, the second one currently being under installation. With an annual output of over 35,000 tons, the line will produce a wide range of high-quality packaging films such as clear plain and coex, white cavitated and high barrier metallized films. To OPP Film’s delight, the first saleable film was on the winder only two hours after start-up. In the design of both lines a special value was set on production efficiency for export purposes.


Erik Sosa, OPP Film’s Technical Director, says: “Regarding film production, Central America has been a blank area on the map so far. With our new investment, we now bring state-of-the-art equipment to offer high quality BOPP film to this already dynamic region, where there is a clear increase in demand. Together with the second line coming later this year we will also strengthen our local and export capabilities.”


Oben Holding Group has its main offices located in Lima, Peru. With manufacturing plants in six different countries in South and Central America, they offer BOPP, CPP, BOPET, BOPA, coated films and thermoforming products with a total annual capacity of 365,000 metric tons.

Absolutely happy about the smooth line start: Erik Sosa (in front left), OPP Film’s Technical Director and his team
High Quality BOPP film for Central America right from line start
10, 9, 8,... only a few seconds away from starting the new 8.7m wide BOPP line