Brueckner Group USA, Inc.

200 International Drive, Suite 105

Portsmouth, NH  03801 USA



About us

Effective January 1, 2012, the Brückner Group GmbH merged legal entities of the former Bruckner, Inc., Kiefel, and PackSys Global into one entity for its US operations. “Brueckner Group USA, Inc.”, is the platform company of Brückner Group GmbH, representing US, Canada and Mexico (NAFTA) activities as resellers and coordinators of sales, after-sales and manufacturing support in an optimal manner.


Different from other platform companies of the Brückner Group, Brueckner Group USA is operated as a fully independent reseller for the group companies, which include Brückner Maschinenbau, Brückner Servtec (film division), Kiefel, and PackSys Global.


Our Portsmouth, New Hampshire, location houses all four groups, so customers can take full advantage of our combined expertise, know how, and service capabilities. In order to increase Kiefel’s automotive business in the USA, other important locations are in Fraser and Livonia, both Michigan, the latter including a technology Center.


Traditional values such as continuity, confidence,quality, dependability and reliability have been the key to our success, as well as many lifelong relationships. Our number one priority is to help our customers maximize their productivity, quality and in the end profitability. We are committed to continue providing the same service you are accustomed to, for years to come. We always listen to our customers, identify their needs for existing production lines and support them with their new investments.


As Brückner Group is growing worldwide through acquisitions and by strengthening our activities in the USA, Canada and Mexico, the strong footprint we have in these important markets will be beneficial for all the customers we serve in various industries.


Brueckner Group USA: Everything from one reliable source!