Brückner  Maschinenbau

Brückner  Maschinenbau

Brückner Maschinenbau

Film Lines

Film stretching technology

As a worldwide leader in polymer film stretching, we are focused on mono-, biaxial and simultaneous stretching technologies for PP, PET, PA, PS, PETG, PE, PLA, PVC and other polymers.  Our technology is based on both sequential stretching as well as LISIM®, Brueckner’s unique simultaneous film stretching application.

For you and your highest demands, we offer comprehensive solutions  to keep your investment up-to-date and your production processes competitive.  You can choose from our portfolio which contains consulting, equipment, process know-how as well as service,  all of this from your very first thought of plastics film production through the entire life cycle of your investment.  For your sophisticated projects, you will like the possibility of using our unique technology centers which contain a small production line and laboratory equipment staffed with some of the brightest minds in the industry 

Our wide-range of experience with turnkey lines and projects, our unique developmental skills; highly skilled specialists and our global market network will satisfy every single one of your highest demands.

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